High waist everything ♥

This is definitely my motto for the summer! I am glad I bought this cute shorts in h&m sale last autumn and I can't wait to shoe it of this year! And I am sure I will add some high waist skirts to my closet as well!

What do you think? high waist yay or nay?

▲ Stripes ▲

Yay to stripes! I love them and the little sailor touch they add to your outfit :)

striped pullover ▲ h&m // necklace ▲ h&m // watch ▲ casio


Kristine's Collection//collaboration sneak

Hey guys! Last week the beautiful dresses from Kristine's Collection arrived. The wonderful Kristine Peh offered me a collaboration on Lookbook and I couldn't resist when I saw the unique clothes. This is a small sneak of my order, can't wait to show them to you as real outfits ♥

Check out her lovely clothes under www.kristinescollection.com or visit her on Lookbook


▲ key to my heart ▲


                            Jeans ▲ Cheap Monday
                          Sweater ▲ C&A
                         Necklace ▲ h&m

Thank you so much for hyping ♥


▲ Military Dress ▲ Out in the Woods 

Today was such a perfect day! I've been waiting for the sun to show for so long. But today it felt like spring is really coming, so I decided to show you the dress I bought at New Yorker in Fulda. I've shown it to you a few days ago hanging on a hanger and this is how it looks when I wear it :) I love the color and it is one of the few colors that actually matches my hair. I hope you enjoyed the day like I did and I hope there will be many more like this soon.

Thank you very much for hyping ♥