New Nails ▲ essie 250 bond with whomever

Finally I bought me an essie nail polish. I am in love with this awesome lilac lavender tone. The nail polish was expensive, but it really surprised me, since it was perfect easy to apply and it is staying for about three days and still looks awesome, so I don't regret spending the money :)

new in ▲ Görtz haul

I've been wanting these awesome black leather boots for a long time and last week I got an voucher so I finally ordered them at goertz.de.


New In ♥ h&m haul


The weather is killing me, one day it is sunny and warm, the next day it is all rainy and cold. And now I am sick for almost an entire week. But today I am getting back on my feet by this vitamin kick! 

What is your recipe against a cold?


It's a hangover // again

Remember my hangover shooting? These pics didn't make it in the internet the first time, but I think they are worth showing them :)


Warm Bean Salad

Guess what it's time to post some recipes again :) 
Today I made a warm bean salad for dinner, my version is with tuna fish, but it's vegan if you leave the tuna.

Olive Oil
White Balsamic Vinegar

Only thing you have to do is roast the paprika and the onion and then mix everything together. It's a nice salad for a BBQ or a warm summer evening.


Do or Don't // Orange Nail Polish

I got this one from my GLOSSYBOX. And I don't think I would have bought it by myself, but I am in love with the color and I definitely think that this will be my favourite one for the summer! So for my it is a big DO :) what do you think?

Cherry blossom // Kristine's Collection Sneak

Hey Guys I hope you remember that I am collaboration with Kristine Peh from Kristine's Collection and I finally found the time to do a shooting with the second dress, which is my favourite one! It is a wonderful oxblood colored short dress ... and be sure there are more pics on their way :)